St Francis Animal Rescue
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St Francis Animal Rescue

St Francis Animal Rescue was formed by a group of concerned volunteers in the interests of ensuring the many pets of the poorer township and informal settlement community of Sea Vista are kept in good health. One of the major initiatives of St Francis Animal Rescue is to encourage sterilization of both cats and dogs and the majority of funds raised at various events organised by St Francis Animal Rescue fundraising committee, Open Your Eyes – STERILIZE, are directed at this effort to reduce the number of kittens and puppies that are born every month. Sterilization is also one of the .biggest ongoing costs requiring constant fund raising effort.

Other activities of St Francis Animal Rescue is the ongoing treatment and caring for animals that many of the pet owners simply cannot afford include …

  • regular inoculation drives against canine and feline diseases (assisted by Aloe Veterinary Clinic)
  • regular treatment against ticks and fleas
  • regular de-worming of dogs and puppies
  • removing stitches after sterilization or surgery
  • finding homes for unwanted puppies, kittens, abandoned dogs and cats
  • feeding schemes for under nourished dogs
  • education of pet owners on caring for pets including how to pick them up and carry them

In addition to the work done by the volunteers, St Francis Animal Rescue also works closely with local veterinary surgeons Dr Nerine Botha of Aloe Veterinary Clinic in St Francis Bay and Dr Annelise Barker of Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic for sterilizations. Looking after the future health of the animals Dr Nerine also assist inoculations and treating injured or abused animals.


Sea Vista clinic at work