The Street by Street campaign

Street by Street dog feeding campaignThis campaign is intended to extend St Francis Animal Rescue’s reach into Sea Vista.

Pairs of volunteers regularly walk through the poorest shack-land area of our informal settlement, with the primary intention of providing food and water for undernourished animals.

In addition, teams also identify chained dogs, litters of new-born puppies and animals in need of medical attention or shelter.

Chained dogs are at risk of exposure and cannot flee imminent danger like fire, or an attack from another dog. A chain restricts movement and often becomes entwined around the animal causing injury and preventing access to food, water or shelter.

Dogs chained constantly because of a lack of a safe enclosure, develop severe psychological damage often resulting in aggression.

The only acceptable method of tying up a dog is by using a running chain which must be at least five metres in length.

A Port Elizabeth-based conveyor belt manufacturer is currently making affordable, sturdy and indestructible kennels to provide animal welfare charities, like St Francis Animal Rescue, with safe, rain-proof shelters for township dogs.

Through our ‘Street by Street’ campaign, we have donated many outdoor shelters to dogs, puppies – and even cats and kittens.

When our team discovers a litter of puppies, these are immediate4ly taken to one of our local vets to be vaccinated and dewormed.

By walking the back streets of Sea Vista, we are also able to persuade pet owners to sterilize their animals and improve the health and quality of life of their dogs and cats.

Help feed a dog!