Mister & Kitty desperately need a home

Mister (left) & Kitty

The recent passing of their owner Ingrid Steenberg, a much loved Cape St Francis resident has left her two beautiful dogs are homeless and their future looks bleak unless a home can be found for them before Monday. The two (see photos ) are well known to those who walk on Cape St Francis beach as Ingrid could be found walking her beloved dogs, no matter the weather, almost every evening after work at the Resort before she became desperately ill earlier this year.

“Well socialised and about five or six years old, Mister and Kitty are loving, delightful dogs. Child and small dog friendly, I personally knew the dogs personally and we, my Yorkie and I, often walked with Mister and Kitty when my Yorkie was still alive” said Collo of St Francis Today who knew Ingrid and the dogs well..

If you can assist and by giving these loving dogs, who will return that love in bounds, please  call Sue Rae Fox on 083 289 1452