The St Francis Animal Loving Community came together yesterday when a group searched an area from St Francis to Rebelsrus looking for a missing much loved dog.

This is a follow up to our article “Much loved Oakley missing in Rebelsrus

Local animal activist and chairman of St Francis Animal Rescue, Susan Rae Fox put together a team of fellow animal lovers to walk and search the area form the Rebelsrus access gate on the R330 through to Rebelsrus and beyond. Sadly their efforts were in vain and there remains no sight of this beloved pet. Commenting on the effort Susan said. “Thankyou you to all who  joined our Rebelsrus search party this morning. We wish with all our hearts that we could have found this special girl – but there was no sight of her on the coast or inland where we hunted. Hope still exists for although we did not find Oakley on our search, neither did we find a body. We hope she may be alive somewhere and ask everyone to please keep a look out for her”.

During the course of the search Cape St Francis Resident Hilda Bezuidenhout who was a member of the assembled search party came across three snares in the area where she was hunting. Hilda took the initiative and cut the snares rendering them harmless but this discovery highlights that more needs to be done to eradicate this cruel and callous method of hunting wildlife.

Commenting on Facebook Sandra Hardie who was very involved in clearing our surrounding bush of snares in the past made the following plea with regard to the snares. “I wish the residents would undertake regular snare hunts and I have to wonder if there is anyone doing same in SFB surrounds. Such a ghastly way for an animal to die and very often the snares are not even checked. OUR WILDLIFE IS IN PERIL. Snaring is illegal, but as with everything there is nobody out there checking. Please everyone I cannot do it anymore – make up some teams and demarcate areas to be checked”.

This is the farmhouse where Oakley lived while the Soms family were holidaying in Rebelsrus. She went missing 5 days ago and has not been seen since. The house looks down to a rocky coast and, beyond, to the back, is thick bush for miles.

There has been a suggestion that Oakley could have wandered to Oyster Bay and any readers in Oyster Bay are asked to keep a lookout.

All are living in hope the efforts to find Oakley will still prove successful even offering a reward of R2000 for his recovery dead or alive.

UPDATE- 9:15 Thurs 10 Jan

Susan reports

“We believe a leopard has been seen in Rebelsrus – and there are puff-adders, bush pigs and otters on this land as well. We were not permitted to fly a drone over the terrain since this nature reserve is close to the Airpark.

Our search continues outside Rebelsrus – in the townships of Oyster Bay and Sea Vista – and farms dotted in the area”.