Sophie was brought to the St Francis Animal Rescue outreach by the neighbour of the man who owned her. This man is a known drug-addict with a history of abusing animals.
The neighbour said the dog needed urgent attention because she couldn’t walk after being beaten by her owner.   Sophie’s ears had been cut off, her front right leg was badly fractured – and she had a hernia from being repeatedly kicked. She was agitated and frightened, and very cowed.
We immediately took Sophie to  Dr Annelise Barker from the Humansdorp Veterinary Practice where she was treated for worms, fleas and ticks and vaccinated.
Sophie was sedated to x-ray her leg – and then a splint applied, together with a strong pain-killer and an antibiotic injection.
Dr Barker kindly kept Sophie overnight until we could get her into foster care next day. One of our own volunteers, Fran Grobbelaar, fostered Sophie for a week.
During those seven days, Sophie discovered her first taste of love, comfort, good food, safety and care. She began to relax and her sweet personality started emerging.
At the end of that time, we had a request from a family in East London who wanted to adopt our little rescue. Glynn Nicholson, her daughter and friend, welcomed Sophie into their wonderful dog-loving home and made her part of their family – and the rest, as they say, is history!