Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail are three feral kittens who were trapped by St Francis Animal Rescue’s Cat Lady, Jodi Kruger, and then given to Foster Mom, Jane Lonsdale, to foster. While they were in foster-care, these three kittens became very tame and friendly but, for some inexplicable reason, we couldn’t get them adopted into loving homes.

, Karen Dennyscheme

Amazing artist, Karen Dennyscheme, from Durban, sensed our concern as the kittens started growing into leggy teenagers – and produced an exquisite painting of these three,
to create more awareness of them and bring their plight to the attention of cat lovers.
Two weeks after this painting appeared on the SFAR Facebook page – all three kittens had been adopted!
St Francis Animal Rescue gives away collars and leads to the dogs of Sea Vista as part of an ongoing program of training and caring for these animals.
These leads and collars are expensive and greatly in demand.
How wonderful that friend and supporter of our charity, Paulene Hardy, took it upon herself to find out how collars and leads are made by the professionals, and set about purchasing the materials and making brightly coloured sets of these for us.
Such an amazing initiative on the part of a very kind friend!