A report from our SFAR Treasurer – Verna Couper

Our thanks go out to Verna who ensures that all the money donations are properly managed ensuring our transparency with regard to , paying our bills on time, placing orders for medicines and treatments, kennels, collars and leads (and just about everything else we need) – booking in dogs and cats for sterilization and medical treatment with our supportive bets – and organizing their transport with our volunteers.

You are quite simply amazing!

“Over the festive season, the Vets are too busy to commit to do procedures for the SFAR, so January is really a ‘half a month’.
Nevertheless, we were able to squeeze in 10 Sterilizations and 23 emergency cases were dealt with.
Outreach only closed for one week over Christmas and New Year, so spraying and deworming continued as usual
• Total Spend – R 32,854.09
• Food Purchased – R 15 000
• Vet Spend – R 15,627.30
 7 Spays
 3 Neuters
 23 Treatments,
 Outreach Meds – R 4690 Frontline, & Deworming
• Bank Fees R119.04
• Other – R 2107.75 Printing, and Pharmacy

As always a massive thank you to Veterinarians, Dr Nerine Botha of Aloe ST Francis Bay and Dr Annelize Barker Humansdorp.

A very big THANK YOU to all our supporters for making all this possible”