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Saving Rosie!

Good Morning World! Rosie is being fostered by SFAR Volunteer, Krystal Scott. She will be sterilized on Sunday along with 10 other Sea Vista dogs at the J.Bay Animal Rescue Spayathon. After that, Rosie will be available for adoption.
Please consider adding her to your family. She is a sweet, loving girl who deserves the chance of a happy life.
Call Krystal Scott on 0765886490.

We’ve named this dog ‘Ross’. Surrendered to SFAR, he comes from Sea Vista shack-land. We made the decision to neuter him as part of J.Bay Animal Rescue’s weekend sterilization program even though it won’t be easy to get him adopted.
Ross is special. Despite the cruelty of his past life (he is covered in wounds and skeletally thin), Ross has a devoted and affectionate spirit and responds with joy to a kind stroke, a soft word or a plate of food..
Ross deserves a second chance!

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