The Outreach Team

Our volunteers are all unpaid and driven solely by a love of animals – specifically dogs and cats.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of these animals using whatever means we have at our disposal – whether it be sterilization, feeding, medical treatment or assistance with donated collars, leads, blankets, beds, feeding bowls.


Susan Rae Fox

Anita Steynes


Christelle van Wyk

Krystal Scott

Kathy White

Cathrin Frabel

Hilda Tylie

Kirsten White

Fran Grobbelaar

Dave Judnick

Our Fund Raising Team

We hold regular fund-raising events to o make St Francis Animal Rescue sustainable – but, as we’ve grown, we’ve come to realize we need regular monthly monetary donations from animal lovers in St Francis Bay.

We sincerely hope our supporters will consider making monthly donations into our Have A Heart Fund to ensure we can continue to work together to improve the lives of animals in Sea Vista.



Kym Argo

Verna Couper

Heidi Penfold

Bernice Katakuzinos