Education Program


Six years of repetitive, consistent messaging, chiefly through our volunteers, but also through the mouths of the young children who regularly assist at our outreach, have made a significant change in the quality of life of the cats and dogs who live in Sea Vista.

Many dogs spend their lives outdoors in all weather – and winters in St Francis can be bitter. For this reason, St Francis Animal Rescue has been giving away kennels for many years and working with owners to make sure these are kept comfortable with clean bedding. We give away containers for use as drinking bowls and remind pet owners to keep these topped with fresh, clean water. Leads and collars are much in demand and two our youngest volunteers have been making rope leads to give away at outreach.

During winter, we offer soft blankets and towels for puppies and pregnant or feeding mother dogs and encourage owners, wherever possible, to bring their dogs indoors.

Our volunteers pay ‘after-care’ visits to dogs and cats needing attention after vet treatment. During these visits, we explain how important it is to keep wounds clean to prevent sepsis and show owners how to treat and bandage open sores or burns.

We monitor the care of new-born puppies and kittens with home visits where we offer food for the feeding mother and advice on keeping pups clean, warm and safe.

The success of our educational program and our visibility in Sea Vista, can be measured by the increasing numbers of dog and cat owners requesting vaccinations, sterilizations and assistance with medical issues. Happily, the days of a dog or cat being hurt and simply left to heal without help, are gone. We are a phone-call away and ready to assist all those who care enough about their animals to call us.

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