Street by Street

Our Street by Street Feeding Program

To effectively eliminate the practice of people feeding their animals table scraps or porridge, St Francis Animal Rescue, packages good quality dog, cat, kitten and puppy food and sells this weekly for a nominal fee, into 6 participating Spaza Stores in Sea Vista.

This program, originated by volunteer, Heidi Penfold, provides

plastic bags containing 3 x 75g cups of food into participating stores at R4.00 per bag. Shop owners sell bags to consumers at R5.00 – making R1.00 profit per bag.

St Francis Animal Rescue makes no profit on these sales and our monthly food costs are high – but, through this feeding program we have changed the eating habits of many dogs and cats and we see the benefits of this at each outreach.

Sea Vista dogs and cats on our food program are strong, healthy and happy!