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If our work is to be transformative, the Volunteers of any animal rescue group, working within a community, must become recognized, known, trusted and valued by local animal owning residents. One of our goals is to work collectively to attempt to alter negative behaviours through advice, assistance and education.

Our feeding program is just such an example. When we started working in Sea Vista, dogs were fed table scraps, bread or porridge, or scavenged for food wherever they could find it. SFAR introduced dry pellets to dogs and cats through our outreaches and by supplying good quality, affordable dog, puppy and cat food into 6 participating Spaza Stores in the area. Today, most Sea Vista dogs and cats are fed nutritious pellets. We’ve effectively changed their eating habits and see the benefits in the condition of the strong, healthy dogs and cats of Sea Vista.

Many of our volunteers are local children who work with us at our outreaches. Over time, we’ve taught these children everything we know about taking care of cats and dogs and, in turn, the children are passing all they know onto families, friends and neighbours. Through our wonderful network of child volunteers, SFAR is made aware of any cruelty and neglect of animals or of desperate families, too poor to feed themselves, let alone their pets. These children are helping to change the future of the dogs and cats of Sea Vista.

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