Open your eyes - Sterilize

Open Your Eyes – Sterilize Campaign

Help us Sterilize

It’s not rocket science – to improve the quality of lives of dogs and cats, we need do everything possible to prevent overbreeding.

Three years ago, with this objective in mind, St Francis Animal Rescue launched a sterilization campaign driven by the theme of, ‘Open Your Eyes & Sterilize’.

Volunteers use every opportunity to persuade dog and cat owners in the informal settlement to spay and neuter their pets to reduce puppy and kitten populations and prevent the cruelty and neglect that stems from constant overbreeding.

Each year, working in collaboration with dedicated local vets – Dr Nerine Botha from Aloe Vet, St Francis Bay and Dr Annelise Barker from Humansdorp Vets – St Francis Animal Rescue sterilizes upwards of two hundred dogs and sixty or so cats, many of these feral.

As awareness of our program grows, so numbers of sterilized animals continue to escalate.