Weekly Outreach

Weekly Outreach

Each Thursday afternoon, St Francis Animal Rescue volunteers gather for an outreach in Sea Vista on land kindly loaned to our charity by local building company, ‘Jean Hugo Construction’.

Sea Vista residents, both adult and children, bring their dogs and cats, to be vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed for fleas and ticks.

Wounds are cleaned and treated, sterilization stitches removed and medicine provided where necessary.

At every outreach, we persuade dog and cat owners to sterilize their animals and those willing to do so, sign permission slips allowing us to perform this procedure.

On the first Thursday of every month, Dr Nerine Botha from Aloe Vet, vaccinates 20 puppies against deadly diseases including Distemper, Parvo and Billary and injects kittens against Rabies.

Food and water is provided for hungry dogs at every outreach and cat and dog owners are given bags of food to take home to supplement their animal’s feeding.

Through our weekly outreaches, volunteers from St Francis Animal Rescue have established warm, trusting relationships with Sea Vista residents who are encouraged to call upon our helpers when faced with a problem or an emergency affecting their pets.