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Weekly Outreach

Thursday afternoons have become popular social events amongst dog and cat owners in Sea Vista and children, as young as 5, bring their dogs alongside older kids and adults with family pets.

Rows of ‘guttering’ filled with dog food and large containers of fresh water are set out on the field and all visiting dogs eat and drink companionably, side by side at this ‘buffet’ section.

We organize different ‘stations’ to make it simple for visitors to be attended to.

Our ‘Food Station’ is most popular and this is where volunteers from our local community work to dispense free food to cat and dog owners. A 750g bag of food (adult dog, cat and puppy), is given to each owner for every dog or cat he possesses.

We also donate tins of soft food for pregnant and feeding females and their puppies and kittens. SFAR purchases this stock from Dogsense, a reliable supplier who provides best quality pet food at a discount.

Spraying for fleas and ticks and de-worming happens at the ‘Kitten & Puppy’ Station where volunteers are alert to instances of under-nourished pups and kittens and those suffering from mange or any illnesses. Ongoing, repetitive and consistent education is vital in improving the health and well-being of these tiny pups and kittens.

We treat cuts, minor wounds and burns, mange, ear and eye problems, dehydration and poor appetite at our ‘Medical Table’. Each Thursday we take dogs and cats suffering from more serious conditions to be professionally treated by our welfare vet in Humansdorp.

The bathing station is where we teach Sea Vista dog owners how to bath both puppies and adult dogs. During bathing, we encourage owners to watch for fleas and ticks, small, hidden sores, ear and eye problems. We teach grooming, trim long, matted coats and offer pedicures. Only through regular bathing have we succeeded in encouraging pet owners to allow their clean dogs to sleep indoors where they are safe from harm.

Our ‘Spray’ Station is where adult dogs are regularly sprayed for fleas and ticks.

Through our outreaches, our volunteers have built strong, lasting relationships with Sea Vista’s pet owners, based upon mutual trust and respect – and our common love of animals.

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